Tourney of Stahleck

Thrones will be conquered! Will you be among the victorious?

Contestants from all directions of the world are heading for the castle, armed with decks and strategies, expectant to show their abilities.

The Tourney of Stahleck evolved to be the most important international tournament for Europe during the last years. For many fanatic AGOT players it has become an annual tradition to meet at Castle Stahleck and heed their passion for 3 days (and nights).

Again all sorts of tourneys will be played, so we are looking forward to have some Draft fun (imagine the rare picking with 40+ participants!), a classic tourney (in highlander format), a team event for Nations, and of course there will be the big tourneys for Standard and LCG cardpool.


11. Dec (starting 2 p.m.) to 13. Dec 2009 (ending 4 p.m.)

if someone wants to come earlier or wants to stay another night please contact me: 


Castle Stahleck: This castle lies in the small town Bacharach; that´s in the middle of Germany, some 50 km south of Koblenz and 50 km west of Mainz.


There is a range of rooms for 2 up to 8 persons. Most are with shower/bathroom.

The price is accordingly between 65 and 85 euro (per person for the whole weekend).

You´ll get more detailled informations per email.

Of course those who register first will get the most wanted rooms! The price includes accomodation with all meals (incl coffee for free 24/7) and tourney fees (except draft).


  1. 1)Send an email to telling that you want to take part in the event. You will receive an answer with a list of rooms available.

  2. 2)Choose a room and tell it to

  3. 3)After having received a confirmation transfer the money.

  4. 4)After having received a confirmation of the money received, you are registered.

You may transfer the money to a german or austrian account; also paypal is an option, but there is an additional charge of 4 euro per person for fees.

The period of registration starts at 15th Sep 2009 and lasts till 4th Dec 2009.

Places are limited, so it might be good to register soon.

If you are a vegetarian, please tell me! 

How to get there

By car:

Driving on the German Highway A61, you take the exit named "Rheinböllen". From there you go on in direction to Bacharach. You reach Castle Stahleck via Bacharach-Steeg. There are many parking slots next to the castle.


Bacharach lies on the railway track Mainz - Koblenz. From the station to the castle it´s a walk of 15-20 minutes.

By plane:

There are 4 airports in the near: Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Frankfurt/Hahn.

You will find good train connections to Castle Stahleck from there.

Köln/Bonn: about 2 hours for 29 euro (or more).

Düsseldorf: about 2 and a half hour for 24 euro (or more).

Frankfurt: about 1 hour for 15 euro (or more). 

Frankfurt/Hahn (train+bus): about 2 hours. If you are a small group, taking a taxi is also a good option.

Costs for daily guests (tourney fee)

Friday: 5 euro, Saturday: 6 euro, Sunday: 5 euro

Friday / Saturday: 9 euro, Saturday / Sunday: 9 euro

Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 12 euro 

Any questions left? Feel free to ask sending an email to!



  1. -Final update to timetable: LCG Constructed Saturday morning and Standard Constructed Saturday evening

  2. -The Battle of Blackwater Bay is tournament legal in Stahleck